A team of faculty and students at MSU is conducting research and outreach in two primary objectives, the project has two primary objectives:

  1. Conduct pioneering research on value added reuses of salvaged wood (organic) products present in abandoned structures to bring that material back into the marketplace, and to,
  2. Create a statewide salvage/reuse business accelerator that will provide strategic training, technical assistance and networking to improve the viability of this nascent industry sector and expand businesses’ recycling markets for salvaged materials.

The Domicology team has lead the effort to divert organic material (wood) from the landfill stream and create a viable circular economic sector that can salvage and effectively reuse materials generated from the estimated 226,000 blighted and abandoned residential structures in Michigan. If you are interested in contacting the Hub please reach out to Director, Dr. Rex Lamore [lamore@msu.edu] for more information