Materials Salvage and Reuse Innovation (MSRI) Business Hub

EGLE Recycling Market Development Grant

The Domicology team at the CCED has been awarded a $600,000 state grant by the Michigan Department of Environment, Great Lakes & Energy (EGLE).

The project has two primary objectives:

  1. Conduct pioneering research on value added reuses of salvaged wood (organic) products present in abandoned structures to bring that material back into the marketplace, and to,
  2. Create a statewide salvage/reuse business accelerator that will provide strategic training, technical assistance and networking to improve the viability of this nascent industry sector and expand businesses’ recycling markets for salvaged materials.

This generous state funding will enable the Domicology team to lead the effort to divert organic material (wood) from the landfill stream and create a viable circular economic sector that can salvage and effectively reuse materials generated from the estimated 226,000 blighted and abandoned residential structures in Michigan.

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Salvage and Reuse Sector Business Opportunity Survey

The MSU Center for Community and Economic Development’s Material Salvage and Reuse Innovation (MSRI) Hub team administered the survey, “Challenges and Opportunities in Materials Salvage and Reuse” to key stakeholders in Michigan’s reuse economy. The purpose of this survey was to determine the primary training and technical needs of businesses in the reuse sector. Read the full summary document below.

MSRI Survey Summary

Student-Led, Faculty-Guided Projects

The MSU Domicology Team is currently supporting three Student-Led Faculty-Guided Projects in partnership with Rochester Salvage and Supply, Ann Arbor School District, and American Classic Construction. 

Rochester Salvage and Supply

Project Leads: Dr. Julie Brockman and Jenna Beaudoin

The Rochester Salvage and Supply SLFG works to improve pathways to employment for both the business and the employee by reducing barriers to employment. This research is also extending to apply to other businesses as well. 

For more information contact Jenna at

American Classic Roofing

Project Leads: Dr. George Berghorn and Rajashree Jagtap

This SLFG is working with American Classic Roofing to develop a data collection protocol to conduct tests using Reground Asphalt Shingles in a variety of capacities. 

For more information contact Raj at

Ann Arbor School District

Project Leads: Chuck Ten Brink and Erin King

The Ann Arbor School District has purchased land with 3 structures on it that will need to be removed and the district has elected to pursue deconstruction over demolition. This SLFG is working with the school district to investigate liability protections pertaining to the sale, donation or transfer of salvaged building materials.

For more information contact Erin at